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We have been updating churches and individuals for over a decade (10 yrs.)!  What do we report?  What could we possibly tell you that you want to know?  Well, we list sometimes what our needs are, we describe trials, praises, burdens.  We also include plenty of photos (go figure, Shawn was a professional photographer), and encourage you with what we've been seeing on the mission field.  

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“Your updates have so blessed and encouraged us. Praying for your ministry.” — Charlene

“I commend your enthusiasm and level of faith. Thanks again for taking the time to share your words to our campus population.. Take care..” — Bo

“We are always blessed by your zeal. I am convinced it is God who makes you to will and to do of his good pleasure (Phil. 2:13). Greetings to your great family.” — Emmanuel Atia

“Mr. Holes- I heard you speak at NMSU. AMAZING! Thanks for coming to our “lost” campus. When are you coming back?” — Beth

“I sit here and I really try to put myself in your shoes. I try and think about what it would be like standing before a crowd of 100+ people and talk about the bible the way you do. I would be intimidated up there. ” — Brian

“The Lord really opened my eyes to my sin, and gave me an increasing hatred for it that I didn’t have before. Praise the Lord!” — Jonathan